10 great jobs for introverts

Craft and Fine Artist

If you happen to be an Introvert with a creative eye and artistic talent, you might consider becoming a craft and fine artist. Craft and fine artists can make pottery, glassware, textiles and more, while also making a profit. The arts industry is usually good for independent, imaginative individuals that are willing to share their craft.



Geoscientists study the earth’s composition and structure. Geoscientists spend a lot of time doing fieldwork outdoors, as well as doing research in laboratories. Geoscientists often work alongside a team of technicians and scientists, but most of their work in the lab is solitary. To get into Geoscience you typically need at least a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position, but may also get a master’s degree. Geoscientists in Australia is paid on average AU$92,610.



Introverts usually tend to view the world differently from others, this unique perspective allows others to see things from all angles, and produces great photography. As a photographer, there are opportunities to work independently, or for a corporation. E.g. Real Estate photography, freelance photography etc.




Solitude and quiet are usually something that Introverts crave, to be alone with their thoughts. This works well for authors, whose success comes from their vivid imaginations. If you’re able to channel those thoughts to create a story, you can either get them published through an agent or publish it yourself, which works great with an introverted mind.


Medical Records Technician

Medical records technicians organise and maintain health information data using a mix of computer-based files and paper files. Technicians might work in hospitals, nursing facilities or administrative offices, they don’t have much interaction with patients, yet work with nurses and other healthcare professionals. Technicians’ work is mostly done on a computer, so it’s a good job choice for people who would rather stay out of the spotlight.


Film & Video Editor

After the filming of production, someone is always needed to edit the content. Film and video editors often use the software on a computer to edit video and add effects. Sometimes considered as the dirty work of the film industry, it’s great for people who would prefer to work at their own pace. After you get the raw footage, you can be creative with the editing process from the comfort of your own office.


Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an excellent career path for introverts that are also highly creative. As a graphic designer, you can communicate with clients, striving to deliver precisely what they want, although the design work itself is done entirely independently. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics around a third of graphic designers work from home, giving much-needed recharge time after dealing with clients.



The majority of an accountant’s day is spent working with numbers, so this is a great job for people that can work independently, and also with strong maths and organisation skills. Some of the work that accountants do are: Examine statements and records, prepare tax documents for clients, and assess financial operations.



If you happen to be fluent in a second or third language, consider work as a translator. Translators work consists of converting written documents from one language to another. Due to broadening international ties and an increase in non-English speakers, this is a fast-growing field. Most translators are self-employed and work on projects for various clients.


Computer programmer

Computer programmers are responsible for turning programs designed by software developers into readable instructions for computers. Most programmers work in industries related to computer systems design, so you’ll need a degree in computer science, or be an expert in programming languages.









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All images sourced from Google Images.



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